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Jason is a writer, director, mixed media artist and award winning arts facilitator based in Northern Ireland. He works across several art forms and has produced work for the theatre, radio, television, short films, printed media, gallery installation and online. He is a member of Equity, The Irish Writers Guild & The National Association of Writers in Education. Clients include BBC, ITV, National Museums, Historic Royal Palaces, National Trust, Royal Horticultural Society, Lyric Theatre, Oxford Playhouse, Bath Theatre Royal, many other theatres, museums, arts organisations, several universities and numerous publications. He is happy to work to a specification or provide creative input to a wide range of projects, particularly those with an educational, social, health, heritage, artistic or dramatic focus.

Jason is co-founder of Theatre Without Walls


Jason's writing includes over 30 scripts including Don Quixote, Desert Island Books & The Hold (Everyman Theatre), Words of War, 60secondShakespeare(BBC) and many more TIE, Forum and roleplay pieces. He has written numerous articles for newspapers, journals and general B2B content, copy etc. His poetry and short stories have appeared in various new writing collections.
He is most in demand for creating educational programmes for museums and galleries. He is active in the field of research into writing and education and health. His research into Alzheimers and early onset dementia won him an NHS commendation. He has produced work for several universities on creative and literacy interventions in early years education.

As a theatre director he has directed productions for youth, community and professional productions including leading regional theatres(Incl Bath Theatre Royal, Chipping Norton Theatre, Banbury Mill etc.). His Forum/ Theatre of the Oppressed work with community groups include projects with the Nelson Trust (Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation), The Home Farm Trust (Adults with Learning Disabilities), Gloucestershire Pakistani Friendship group and many others in divided communities and with minority groups.

Jason trained as a drama teacher at Homerton College, University of Cambridge and is qualified with a BEd in Drama and Literature. He has run several youth theatres including his own Stage Play company and has been youth theatre director at The Grand Opera House in Belfast (since 2011) . He was a venue director and workshop facilitator for many years with Shakespeare Schools Festivals and has delivered workshops for NYT, Central and also 'youth' theatre for older people with Big Telly with whom he also directed 3 community productions.

Jason is an arts facilitator with Arts Care working in the public health sector and care homes. He facilitates writing, photography, drama and general arts workshops with charities including Goal Line, Arts 4 All, Arts in Motion and many others. He co-founded Theatre Without Walls in 2002. So far his projects have won 5 community learning awards, 2 commendations and he and his partner were recipients of the Cotswold Life Business Award for their work nominated by the Prince's Trust.

Aside from Writing and directing other art forms he practices include mixed media work featuring photography, sound & film and print making. He produces work combining words, visuals and sound. His work has been featured in gallery exhibitions and online.

Other arts and crafts he practices in his work include theatre puppet and mask making. Before writing and directing he had an apprenticeship in technical theatre as an ASM where he learned various skills making set and props and operating lighting and sound equipment. He paid his way through university with stage management and roadie gigs.

Other Interests:
Jason worked for several years as a chef making it as far as Jr sous chef before his art and community work took over and he still enjoys getting into the kitchen and writing about it.
He has had a lifelong interest in gardening-he grew up digging and as well as writing about gardening and gardeners, including the history of gardening for the likes of the National Trust and Royal Horticultural Society he is seldom happier than when up to his oxters in muck.

Jason enjoys playing several instruments including Guitar, Bass, Piano and various drums and other percussion instruments from around the world. He was a radio DJ for a few years and still loves using these skills on his workshops.

He has spent much of his life travelling for work, research and inspiration including extended periods in Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain as well as six years in France. He now divides his time between Northern Ireland where he was born and the Cotswolds in England where his wife is from. He has an Irish and British passport and is available to work throughout Europe as well as across the UK and Ireland.

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Jason can work directly from his home studio in Hillsborough in Northern Ireland with quick access to the Belfast-Dublin Corridor or from Forwood In Gloucestershire from where he can be in central London, Oxford, Birmingham or Cardiff within 2 hours. He is also happy to travel and is available to undertake work anywhere in the UK, Ireland or across the EU.

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